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Youth Holidays in Alanya

In early September, we flew to rest in Turkey for 6 days. We did not choose the best month, but the one on which we were given a vacation. There was unbearable heat at the resort, and when we got off the plane we wanted to go back.

We stayed at the three star Clab Sea Time Hotel. There was amazing animation, a very varied buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, the territory was treated to watermelons, grilled meat, pastries. Disco by the pool and entertainment near the beach. The only drawback of this hotel is the rooms. We got a small one with one bed, a cupboard, and a wardrobe. The walls of the room are plastered in white. The second time we will not go to this hotel.

For excursions, I recommend visiting Cappadocia. A two-day trip to a historic city, costing 5300 rubles per person. The price includes meals, one night in the department with a swimming pool, trips to various beautiful places of the city, a visit to the underground cave. For an additional fee of $ 140 per person, you can fly in a balloon or have fun in a restaurant for $ 40 with a snack and alcohol, learn about local traditions, and become a member of the colorful performance of the peoples of Turkey.

Also, a lot of pleasant emotions were received on the Rafting excursion, the cost of 1200 rubles per person. This is the descent of the river on a raft. The current is very strong, and the emotional guide intimidated that if we do not row the oars diligently, then we will break into stones. Incredibly beautiful landscapes as from a picture, and clean air did their job, we decided that for the sake of this excursion we will come again.

On the beaches on vacation, the impressions are ambiguous. You can’t just swim on the third-party beaches; each hotel has its own section of the beach attached and fenced. In Alanya, a pebble beach is not the cleanest water, but the beach area is clean and well-groomed.

In the afternoon, there is no entertainment on the beach, no corn trading and other things. In the evening there is only animation and free drinks.

Of the purchases, they spent money only on souvenirs; they cost us the following prices: a doll made of fabric, 30 cm high – $ 2, a Turkish lamp, 20 cm high – $ 14. Silk scarf $ 10. Keychains 1 $.

Food was mainly bought on the market, especially cheap fruit – for $ 1 bought a kilogram of mini bananas, $ 0.5 is boiled corn, for $ 6 bought 300 grams of almonds. In stores and gas stations, prices are very high – for $ 3-5 chocolates, drinking water from $ 2.

The cost of beer starts at $ 2. For $ 2 they bought a kilogram of figs, $ 1 kg of grapes, for $ 0.5 they prepared a glass (0.5 liters) of pomegranate juice with us. For $ 10 bought 0.5 kg of different Turkish pastilles.

Traveling by public transport cost us from $ 3 to $ 8, depending on the length of the route.

What we especially liked was the friendly people around us, reasonable food prices, warm sea and the accessibility of almost all of Turkey’s popular excursions.

The downside is high prices for clothes, excursions and abnormal heat in September, too many drunk compatriots.

In general, we liked the resort and we will go to this place again, but definitely in a different hotel and in another month.

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