Tourist invasion threatens five world attractions
This year, Thailand and the Philippines announced the closure of several resorts that are incredibly popular with tourists. But this is not all - a number of European cities, including…

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Traveling in Switzerland
In fact, Zermatt is an ecological village. Most of the vehicles operating in this village are powered by electric drives, but there are also trucks and tractors with conventional diesel…

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Old Town Constantine
He suspected that the name of the Starokonstantinov was somehow connected with the name of the founder of the Ostrog Academy Konstantin Ostrogsky. The guess was brilliantly confirmed when he…

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Perfect yacht voyage in Croatia

How great it is to have people around you who are pushing you to decisive action.

One evening, at a party with us, my husband’s colleagues offered to fly to Croatia, rent a yacht and go camping. Ha, everyone laughed and died out. But a month later, the husband came home mysterious from work, persuaded to take a vacation, quickly pack up and trust him) I received the answers to questions 1000 and 1 in parts, as if I participated in the quest) Instead of a suitcase, I was asked to take 2 hiking backpacks, so I decided to miss don’t have to! And now our whole friendly company on the plane, a flight with transfers through Vienna, overboard – beautiful Austria.

September was not chosen by chance: firstly, there is no such full house at work as in summer and winter, and secondly, prices in September are lower than in season, and tourists are not crowds, but this is important. In fact, the same service for less money, and the weather continues to please, the sea is not cold, the sun’s rays warm, the sunrises delight. In short, September is a pretty good month for a cruise.

Acquaintance with Croatia, Split airport, port, first trip and overnight

Soft landing at the airport of Split (Central Dalmatia), inspection passed, we loaded in a taxi (12 euros / car), we got 15.50 euros to the port, we are there) We met the captain of the yacht (he speaks excellent Russian, knows 5 languages, I managed to practice with him even in German)

The route was developed by our beloved men, and the weak half of humanity, that is, we, confided, all the more so none of the Ladies knew anything about going on a yacht. On the spot, the captain of the yacht made corrections to our route, we loaded and moved off the coast. I will make a reservation right away, a yacht rental for a week went to 1800 euros, we had 4 couples, the budget was shared. Frankly speaking, emotions overwhelmed my soul: fear, adrenaline, high, and joy mixed with emotions, because there was something new and unknown before us.

Split was impressive, but this little town is similar to many European cities, with ancient churches, narrow quiet streets, small cafes and incredibly delicious fish dishes. We left the port, overwhelmed emotions, the departure was planned back from Split, therefore it was planned to study the city in detail on the way back.

Fully trusting the captain of the yacht, lost in thought, examined the expanses of the Adriatic. Until recently, I did not even dream about going on a yacht, and now we are on a yacht and we are steering towards a dream. On the way there are ships, cruise liners, birds sit on the railing of the yacht, cozy islands – and absolutely everyone wants to get off and see firsthand.

Beautiful sunset, aromatic wine, a divine dinner (downstairs in the dining room cabin) with a guitar … It seemed like a dream and all this was not with me)

For the first time in my life, I spent the night on a yacht, I’ll tell you, very much nothing! You get enough sleep at home, the salty smell of the wind, the sea, I do not want to wake up …

The morning of the next day began with fishing. Oh, this is mega fun! A special drive when the fish can be pulled out, and doubly nicer if cooked)

When traveling, I love independence, and was very worried that for a week on a yacht we would not get bored with each other, but we could even miss our friends and not always intersect.

Yacht. Primosten and Trogir

Our weekly route consisted of 4 cities and intermediate small towns: Split, Trogir, Primosten and Marina. They didn’t notice how they reached Primosten. Narrow streets, old churches (which is noteworthy, open around the clock – this is nonsense for us. You can enter at 23.00.

Fish markets, fresh seafood, small cafes, beautiful cozy beaches (mostly free) and thousands of yachts with the same tourists on board as we are)

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