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Impressive visit to Cannes Yacht Show

My husband dreamed for a very long time about visiting the famous international yacht exhibition, annually held on the French Riviera. And in some miraculous way, in September 2016, we got out there with the whole family. I must say right away that impressions are not comparable with anything. Eyes just run away from the beauty of the participants of the “boat festival”, from the level and lifestyle of local residents and guests coming to the exhibition! Despite the fact that I personally am not a fan of inspecting other people’s vehicles, it is simply impossible to resist and not visit the royal floating mansions!

The most vivid impressions of a walk around the city we have left from visiting the surroundings of the 22-meter-high Suquet tower, located in the center of the old part of Cannes. As if painted houses and shady streets crowded picturesquely on the slopes of the picturesque Chevalier mountain.

Shopping in Cannes or Nice is represented by mid-range brands. Most visitors immediately try to find the department stores of the Gallery Lafayette chain. And it is worth noting that the off-season discounts at the boutiques of these shopping centers are fully justified.

The organizers of our trip did everything possible for our comfort and good rest. Since the event itself was designed for 5 days, we managed to work and travel around the picturesque surroundings. For me, Cannes is, first of all, delicious, fresh and relatively cheap oysters, as well as breathtaking mango ice cream!

The amazing cities of the “azure trinity” of Cannes, Nice and Monaco are distant from each other at a distance of 30 kilometers. Therefore, for only 1.5 euros you can get from one “fairy tale” to another on a municipal bus. And if Cannes impressed with the business tourist mecca, then Nice is a very cozy and kind of “home” town. There are a lot of local residents, all beaches are common and accessible for visitors, romantic streets from the sea towards the city represent a romantic relaxation area with hospitable stylish cafes and shops.

Monaco is generally something unimaginable, I would say, an ideal city of billionaires, a continuous park with many magnificent palaces, architectural monuments, pathos restaurants and casinos. Here, even the very ancient grannies and grandparents in the evenings drive up to the casino using fashionable sports cars and go to experience roulette for good luck.

In Monaco, it is possible to purchase a tourist bus ticket valid for two days for 20 euros and ride around the city, periodically going out to tourist sites or beaches that you want to take a closer look at.

The beaches in Monaco, like everything else, are ideal to the smallest nuances: cleanliness, landscaping, free sunbeds and umbrellas, cool drinks and divine seafood appetizers at will.

The main plus of such a vacation is that you simply find yourself in another world where everything is wonderful, thought out to the smallest detail, beautiful and peaceful!

The main minus is a very expensive vacation. The cost of the most modest apartments in hotels of any of the three cities starts from 500 euros. Related services and food are also unrealistically expensive.

Nevertheless, people with an average income at least once in a lifetime should visit the French Riviera and see it all with their own eyes!

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