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Holidays in Hua Hin

In early May, flew to Thailand. I picked up the time successfully – the heat is already decreasing, the number of tourists is normal, and there is almost no rain. May is a transitional month between the hot and rainy seasons. In winter, Thailand may be better, but in winter I already visited, I wanted to see the country in May.

You can get to Hua Hin from Bangkok by bus and train. The latter option is cheaper and more interesting. A class 3 carriage is very cheap, about 40 rubles, it seems, foreigners rarely come across inside, but the national color is for all 100 – merchants go around the cars and offer all kinds of food. You can even learn a few Thai words, for example, “saparot” is “pineapple”.

The station in Hua Hin turned out to be pretty beautiful, I spun around it, studied the schedule, and then went to look for some cheap hotel or hostel. There are plenty of places to spend the night in the city, because it is a resort, but you needed something inexpensive. As a result, he settled in a hotel, where there was one dormitory room. I suspect that not all people know what is hidden in distant countries behind this word.

Dormitorium is a common room with several beds, often two-story. He settled there for 350 baht (about 500 rubles, the normal price for the CIS) and found that I was alone in the room. May is not the most tourist month, immediately noticeable.

Then he went to explore the city. It is small and quite simple: south of the station there is a shopping center, a night market, a bus station, an unexpected Catholic church and Takiah beach. To the east of the station about a kilometer on foot to go to the main beach, in May it turned out to be very underpopulated.

If you go north from the station, you can find a palace, a crafts center, another bus station, a small airport and the building of a local university. There are also several beaches, and if you travel by commuter or hitchhiking a little to the north, you will find yourself in the neighboring resort town of Cha-am. For some reason, the Thais like him better, and foreigners often relax in Hua Hin.

Since I arrived in Hua Hin in the afternoon, I spent the first and second days exploring the city, fishing on the third, going to the water park on the fourth, and on my fifth I reached Sam Roi Yot National Park, where there are beautiful mountains and caves. On a visit there you can spend the whole day from 6 am until dark (until 19-00). For those not very active, there are organized boat excursions.

The next five days were spent exploring the beaches, Thai cuisine, fishing and a trip to Namtok Pa La-u Waterfall.

Hua Hin has many catering establishments, including restaurants that are rare in Thailand, such as Russian cuisine or the Scandinavian bar. However, I did not spend money on restaurants, but ate not far from the hostel at points where the dishes cost $ 1-1.5. This is either a soup with some balls of fishmeal, or noodles or rice with something, sometimes with chicken, pepper and basil. Such establishments after 15-00 work near the evening market. Lots of seafood restaurants, fish lovers and restaurants in Hua Hin will love it!

I noticed that the city has many kinds of entertainment for tourists – massage, meditation, cooking courses and foreign language schools (they are written not even for the sake of the language, but to make Thailand a long visa, for example, for a year), needlework center, go-karting, skiing ponies and elephants, all water sports. Whoever doesn’t want too much activity can just go fishing.

Hua Hin tourists will be interested in a couple of events that are held here. In the spring it is a kite festival, and in December a parade of retro cars. Alas, I missed both, so I consider it necessary to visit this resort a couple more times with a short visit precisely because of the festival and the parade. And I highly recommend it to everyone planning a trip to Thailand. In memory of your vacation in Hua Hin, you can take a kite, bamboo products and local fabrics with you.

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