Tourist invasion threatens five world attractions
This year, Thailand and the Philippines announced the closure of several resorts that are incredibly popular with tourists. But this is not all - a number of European cities, including…

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Closer to Europe. How tourism is reviving in Transcarpathia
The sign on the exit from Uzhgorod shows a distance of 745 km to Kiev. Locals joke: Transcarpathia is closer to 12 European capitals than to the capital of Ukraine.…

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Family Holidays in Stockholm
It was no coincidence that we went to Stockholm on vacation. Our very good friends went to this Swiss city 3 times already and always come back with new vivid…

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Budget winter for two in Phuket

The search for cheap housing with comfortable conditions was the first rebus, which, fortunately, we managed to solve positively.

Positive, because we didn’t have any special requirements except for the low rental price per month) The rental price of our apartment is 8,000 baht per month. The apartment consists of two rooms, a bath, a kitchen (very small), a micro-balcony, all utensils and appliances (except for a washing machine, but at the bottom of our house there is a laundry and washing 5 kg of laundry costs 20 baht, a portion of the powder for washing is paid here – 9 baht). Here in the washing room in the basement there is a vending machine for the sale of drinking water, the cost of one liter is 1 baht (in the store 1 liter – 14 baht).

A picture to attract attention, not our mansions))) The goal of minimizing housing costs was caused not just by rednecking, but by the desire not to overpay for secondary in importance. The fact is that we initially planned to travel a lot, which means it’s not enough to live directly in the apartment itself.

For a budget wintering, the exact place where you shop is not the last thing matters. We have found for ourselves several acceptable ways to shop and share with you.

The first way is to buy food and most of the necessary things in Super Chip. It looks like a very strange room, more like a garage or some kind of hangar. They sell everything in a row: fruits, vegetables, ready-made food, freezing, things, spices. We were personally impressed by the freezing department, this is a labyrinth of refrigerators, full of vegetables and it is much more profitable to buy them here than in the market or in the supermarket.

At the entrance to the packaging of prepared Thai food, the average price is 15-25-30 baht, everything is very tasty and fresh, only very spicy. We took some of these ready-made bags and froze at home in the refrigerator. Cooking dinner was simplified to impossible: I took out a bag, threw it into hot boiled rice, five minutes on the stove and you have a delicious ready-made dish, for 30-40 baht)

Candied fruit on a pallet weighing 300-400 grams – the cost is 30-40 baht, a package of peanuts 0.5 kg – 40 baht, a kilogram package of raisins – 125 baht, a package of 12 zip packets of 120 grams with shortbread cookies – 50 baht,

A shower gel pack of four 400 ml plastic cans costs 84 baht, three baby shampoos of 300 ml each. sealed with plastic wrap – 69 baht.

More like a warehouse, vaguely reminiscent of Metro chain stores. Plan ahead for a trip at least half a day. The territory is huge, the zones are divided randomly, signs are in some places and directions are indicated, but they are in Thai)) So we mastered it by the method of scientific poking.

Of course, the Super Chip is not a panacea, you can buy food in the local market for “your own”, that is, for Thais, you can buy in other supermarkets, but this one seemed to us the most profitable. In the local market, we only bought ready-made food sometimes, and also not often some seafood.

For maximum mobility, you naturally need transport, you can choose a car or a bike. This is the third most important item of expenditure after housing and food.

Renting a bike will cost you 3,000 baht, be prepared for the cunning Thais to offer you a passport to pledge, and you will culturally offer them an alternative in the form of a photocopy and a small amount of money (rather than the full cost of the moped). Take pictures of the equipment from all sides, with all the micro-details, so that later on when you return you are not offered to pay for the scratches of the bike that he received during the first Punic War. This is common practice, and tourists often fall prey to such a trick.

So that you don’t think it’s expensive, I’ll bring a few taxi prices: from Karon beach to Kata beach (15 minutes on foot leisurely) – 200 baht, from Karon beach to Rawai or Naiharn beach – 500 baht, to the airport – 1000 baht.

The only important condition is that your rights must be of an international standard with an open category, the fine for driving without a license is 500 baht. Do not try to give a bribe, this is a serious violation of the law.

If you are walking around Phuket as a pedestrian and you have difficulty crossing the roadway, and there is a traffic policeman in the visibility zone, come and ask for help. He will stop moving and you will calmly cross. They can also be contacted for any questions regarding the police.

Another important point regarding movement around the island is left-hand traffic, sometimes they go on the opposite side))) the red light at the traffic lights on the left is also not a panacea, sometimes they go suddenly to meet the red, even if you are driving on your green)

Regarding driving while drunk, the permissible norm under the law is 0.5 ppm, about two glasses of beer. Violation of the law, that is, exceeding the norm – 3 months in prison and a fine of up to 60,000 rubles, so be very careful and if you are not sure about the number of promises – take a taxi. It’s better not to break and just sober to drive.

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