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10 most typical souvenirs from the Czech Republic

The selection and purchase of souvenirs in the countries where the vacation takes place has long been a pleasant tradition among tourists from all over the world. It is difficult to deny yourself to keep a piece of culture, impressions and emotions, pleasing and surprising on vacation, as a keepsake. Collecting a variety of souvenirs for many has become a kind of hobby, because the features of these products characterize the country itself, its spirit and atmosphere. Often, craft products are a symbol of a certain people. What among the huge variety of souvenirs most precisely defines the Czech Republic? What souvenirs can not be found in any other country? They receive the highest recognition and love from travelers.

1. Pomegranate – a stone of a unique reddish-ruby hue can be found only in the Czech Republic. A large amount of this stone is mined in the country, jewelry made under the Granat brand from Turnov is made from it. When buying this stone, you should pay attention to the quality certificate, which the seller must issue. Without it, rice to acquire a fake is greatly increased.

2. Bohemian or Moser crystal. From it, a very large assortment of goods is produced in the country, of which wine glasses and luxurious chandeliers are considered the most characteristic. Real Bohemian crystal is not difficult to recognize by its melodic, delicate chime and exceptional transparency. Often crystal products are framed in gold or silver frames.

3. Czech jewelry is considered to be the achievement of local craftsmen and is famous all over the world. The popularity of the Swarovki brand today should not even be doubted, it was in the Czech Republic that it arose with the light hand of Daniel Swarovski back in the middle of the 20th century. Modern jewelry will be a wonderful souvenir from the Czech Republic for yourself or loved ones.

4. Products from high-quality Czech porcelain have gained fame far beyond the borders of the country. Especially travelers like pink clay porcelain with a delicate, subtle pinkish tint of the rising sun. For Czech porcelain should go to the northern regions of the Czech Republic, to Brno or Karlovy Vary.

5. If we talk about the edible souvenirs of their Czech Republic, first of all it is worth paying attention to the Karlovy Vary wafers that arose in the 16th century. Wafers are round in shape and begin with apples, nuts, chocolate, berries and other sweet masses. Judging by the name, real waffles can be tasted in Karlovy Vary, in the dough of which water is added exclusively from local thermal springs, from which the finished dough acquires a unique taste.

6. The Czech Republic also distinguished itself with its own unique alcoholic drinks. The most popular was Becherovka liquor, which includes more than 20 herbs. This unusual tincture arose as a pharmacy drug, which was prescribed for violations of the digestive tract, but over time this strong drink became a real national treasure. Now Becherovka can be bought at any supermarket.

7. Continuing the theme of jewelry and stones, it is worth recalling the Vlatvin stone, which is mined exclusively in the Czech Republic. Vlatvin is a green mineral that was formed due to a meteorite falling on the territory of modern Czechia about 15 million years ago. This is a semiprecious stone, but from this its amazing beauty and uniqueness do not become smaller!

8. Souvenirs with reproductions of paintings by the famous modernist artist Alfons Mucha. With his work, a lot of souvenirs are made, from ordinary postcards and posters to household items and utensils.

9. Hats and caps of the Czech factory Tonak. Headwear this factory was known in the 17th century. Headwear was universally recognized for the fact that the best wool of alpine goats is used for their production, which warms well in the cold season. The central factory store with the widest assortment of goods is located in Prague, however you can buy a popular hat in other Czech cities.

10. Among the many souvenirs that you can buy for your child, the most unique will be a puppet doll with which you can arrange whole performances! Children really enjoy playing with these dolls, dressing and voicing during mini-performances in an impromptu home theater.

The variety of souvenirs in the Czech Republic and in its capital is so great that experienced travelers are advised not to rush into a choice, but to begin with, carefully examine everything. This is especially true for those who are resting in the Czech Republic for the first time. It is worth remembering that it is better to purchase valuable souvenirs, such as porcelain, precious stones or silver, in manufacturers’ branded stores, which not only offer the largest selection, but also provide the souvenir with a quality certificate. There is no need to rush to tear off tags from purchases and throw out commodity checks; customs officers can ask about them when leaving the country. If modern souvenirs are not to your liking and you want to find something truly rare, you need to walk through the Prague flea market, rich in valuable souvenirs.

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