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Unknown Iran

… Either sanctions and international reputation, or an unjustified association with the ever-belligerent Iraq, did not allow this authentic state to take its rightful place in the pages of tourist guides. And despite some difficulties, which will be discussed later, Iran left an indelible impression and confidently falls into the top 5 countries that are required to visit.

All on the shelves laid out by an experienced traveler Denis Mamontov.


For those who have not yet been to Baku, transit through this city on the way to Tehran will be a pleasant route. We had just enough daylight to take a walk along the local popular promenade, admire the skyscrapers that had long forgotten about the scoop of Azerbaijan, walk through the old city, take pictures at the site of the famous Damn it.

It is also worth seeing the fortress, the Maiden’s Tower, the fountain square and the city park. And art lovers should devote more time to the Nizani Art Museum.

But back to Iran.

There is one important point that you should think about the day before – insurance: you need to get it in Kiev, this will save your time at the airport upon arrival. The standard “world” is quite suitable.

Every Ukrainian tourist will have to pay a lot of money for a visa. So, for one person its cost will be 80 euros. Interestingly, the Russians have the right to free entry, but the Chinese have to pay 100 euros per person.

Important tip: the best exchange rate at the airport. You can safely change the money immediately upon arrival.

Even while planning the trip, we learned that it is impossible to book a hotel in advance. That is, it is better to make a list on the eve of hotels that are located close to each other, so that if there is not enough space in one, you have the opportunity to check their availability in neighboring ones.

You can get to the hotel by taxi. The average price of an official carrier is 750 thousand reais ($ 18).


In Tehran, we opted for the Hayam Hotel. The cost per day was $ 60. By the way, in hotels in Iran you will not find a classic European toilet in a few places. Most likely, there will be a hole in the floor in your restroom, which, nevertheless, is more useful and natural.

Tehran is a city that also does not have to spend a lot of time.

It is definitely worth a visit to the Golestan Palace. The Golestan Palace Museum is conditionally divided into seven parts, which include about 20 buildings: the Anthropological Museum, the Diamond Hall, Aks Khan (museum of photography), House Khan (portrait gallery), Negar Khan (art gallery), Shams Pavilion Emanekh Street and the Marble Throne Hall.

Golestan Palace

Important: entry into each individual room has its own price. Approximately $ 2-5 per person. If you want to watch it in full, you will have to pay $ 25.

What is interesting: the museum displays ceramics of various eras, works on stone and metal, fabrics and tapestries, musical instruments, household and festive clothes, shoes, weapons and all kinds of accessories. In addition, there is a large library.

The central and most significant building of the palace is the Marble Throne Hall, built in 1806. It is richly decorated with murals, murals, mirrors, marble, tiles and wood carvings. The surviving throne, made of Yazd yellow marble, is the pinnacle of Iranian architecture.

Another Tehran attraction worth visiting is the local market. However, you won’t be able to buy something special there, unless of course you are collecting copper dishes. Although you can buy a variety of spices and dried fruits on the market, try all kinds of pistachios and dates. Hospitable people will gladly treat their specialties.

As for the authenticity of the market, only the smells of spices give it a local flavor. It was authentic until Chinese junk was massively brought in.

By the way, in Tehran there is still an unusual monument to Azadi. It was built relatively recently, in 1971 and is considered the architectural symbol of Iran. Initially, the tower was called the “tower of the memory of the kings.” The unofficial name of the tower is “Gate to Tehran”, because it is it that meets the guests of the city who arrived in Tehran via Mehrabad Airport.

Azadi Monument

Near him, you can take pictures and “torture” friends about what city the photo was taken in. Never guess.


For carpet lovers in Tehran, a special museum is worth a visit. It shows the history of the art of Iranian carpet weaving. It is located in the northern part of Tehran’s Lale Park. It is interesting that the design of the museum building belongs to the modern Iranian architect, who introduced modern innovations in Iranian architecture – Abdalaziz Farmanfarmayan.

The area of ​​the building is 3400 square meters. meter. In shape, it resembles a loom. Inside, the room is divided into two rooms, which are used to display Iranian carpets.

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