An unforgettable family vacation in Orlando in July 2017
It just so happened that in April 2017 I was granted a visa to America for 10 years, so in July I decided to visit this wonderful country again. She…

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An unforgettable family vacation in Orlando in July 2017

It just so happened that in April 2017 I was granted a visa to America for 10 years, so in July I decided to visit this wonderful country again. She rested in the state of Florida for only a week – from July 22 to 30, in Jacksonville, along with her fiancé and his younger brother. It can be said, it was a family vacation, since his brother is only 14 years old. Nevertheless, on July 23, we decided three to go to the city of Orlando and visit the world famous SeaWorld theme park (“Sea World”).

Let’s just say: July 2017 in the States turned out to be very hot and stuffy. Earlier I was there only in May. In the spring I breathed much easier, it was calm, without precipitation, but I did not suffocate. In July, there was just some terrible frying pan. Just went out into the street – and you want to go back to the room where the air conditioners work around the clock, from which sometimes an unpleasant lump appears in the throat. Five minutes in the yard – and sweat is already covering your body, involuntarily looking for a napkin – it doesn’t matter, wet or ordinary. All this stuffiness with no less than +32 … + 33 was accompanied by torrential rains and showers, which came from somewhere and also disappeared in no time. I will say by the way that on Sunday, July 30, we barely got out of the house by car. At 8.45 we drove to the airport under a terrible rain that began at 5 in the morning, there was knee-deep water, I even had to change the way twice, as they could stall for a long time. My boyfriend, who lives in Jacks, said the following thing: for Florida, this is normal, from the end of July to November the rainy season begins, which is accompanied by heavy rains and even hurricanes. Therefore, if you do not want to get into the gas chamber, it is better to come in the spring. However, in summer there is more opportunity to relax, a wider program of various events.

On July 23, my young man decided to give me a gift – a trip to the Sea World in Orlando. Tickets are not cheap – around $ 100. The peculiarity of America is that there is almost no use of cash. Paying with a bank card is cheaper than a cache. Therefore, the ticket price can vary between 85-100 dollars, despite the fact that Joe bought tickets not on the theme park website, but on some other tourist site, which is why we had problems.

From Jacksonville to Orlando, drive an hour and a half or two by car. I flew from Kiev to New York, from New York to Jacksonville, to my friend. If you plan to just visit the theme park, then you can fly directly to Orlando. There are a lot of hotels at the park, so there is a place to stay. But you are unlikely to pay less than $ 150 a day. If you flew to Jacks, you can take the Whindham hotel near the airport. The daily fee is $ 80-90, plus 15% tourist tax. But you will be provided with all the amenities in the room: a giant bed, TV, microwave, air conditioning, refrigerator, hairdryer, iron, shower, hot water, breakfast (buffet with permission to take fruits and rolls to the room). Plus they will provide a free airport shuttle. At the airport, you can rent a car for $ 100 per day. Therefore, you can fly to Jacks, stay at any hotel at the airport, rent a car – and to Orlando.

Orlando is famous for its theme parks. This is not only SeaWorld, but also Disney and Universal. Many tourists buy a tour specifically to walk through the theme parks. Let’s just say: “Sea world” we just went around, but to study everything there, you need two or three days. A week may not be enough for Disney World. But arrange an excursion in advance – you never know what.

So, we arrived in Orlando.

They parked the car and went to the park. Even with tickets reserved, you need to survive a gigantic line at the box office. Do not forget to wear shorts, a T-shirt, sneakers, take a hat and dark glasses. Bring along some water and wet wipes. Do not be surprised that you will be asked to open the bag and check its contents on the metal detector, as well as go through the frame. We stood in line for at least half an hour, went to the ticket office and found out that Joe had called the wrong place, and it would be impossible to get through his armor. Another hour and a half was spent for us to go to the park. Joe had to call the manager and find out how to get to the park. Fortunately, the person has an iPhone, a code was sent in a letter, and we still went inside. Such they are, Americans: for 100 bucks they will strangle themselves. An hour and a half we solved the problem. I don’t know, maybe I would get three hundred dollars and pay again to enter anyway, but they will fight for every cent to the end.

The park is amazing. Immediately at the entrance you need to take a card, otherwise you get lost. At every step there are cafes and souvenir shops, free toilets. In my opinion, there are even fewer attractions than cafes and bars.

Greens around and exotic flowers.

And also – a lot of water with exotic inhabitants.

Children ride on water slides and hang out on rubber boats into the water from a small height.

Or ride a roller coaster throughout the park. For example, I was scared.

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