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Youth Holidays in Montenegro

Initially, we chose Serbia for the rest, but since there is no sea there, our company decided to combine the two countries for vacation. For living in Montenegro, Perast was chosen. Why was such a choice made, because it is not the most famous city in Montenegro? Yes, for example, for the wonderful view from the window, the sea across the road, for the opportunity to sit on the beach in the evenings with an interesting book, for a small number of vacationers. We rested in August, in the very season, so there were many tourists and most of Russia, it was very hot. Riding on excursions is pretty hard. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to go there either in the early autumn (September) or in the late spring (May).

I recommend staying in Perast, 15 minutes from it is Kotor, where nightlife is seething and you can always come there for festivals, concerts, clubs and bars. And after a night in a club or bar, you can safely return to the “Karsar’s nest” and relax on the beach with your favorite book, a glass of wine or just for soulful conversations.

We lived in an apartment that we booked on Airbnb, we had two rooms, a living room and two bathrooms. Ideal for three people. And the price was quite normal for the season (2600 for three per day). 80 percent of the time we went to explore other cities of Montenegro, on our own. Buses, seemingly plain, are air-conditioned inside, very comfortable in the heat. But you can choose excursions to all those cities that we visited: Budva, Bar, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Kotor. But it will be enough to examine everything by ourselves and the pocket will say thanks. Be sure to take some kind of boat trip. You will have a good experience. For example, in the Blue Bay.

But we took one excursion. In the canyons. Unfortunately, we saw all these canyons only from the bus window. What disappointed. On this tour you will see the Moracha River Canyon, Tara River Canyon, Moraca Monastery, Dzhurdzhevich’s Bridge, Black Lake, Durmitor. All this will cost you 50 euros along with meals (by the way, not too tasty – fish, potatoes, salad, tea). On the Dzhurdzhevich bridge, you can take a zip line and fly over the canyon. Not at all scary and beautiful, but too fast.

Perast has only one beach, and this is because there are not too many vacationers. It is perfectly clean, but there is no entertainment there except the bar.

For shopping, it is better to go to the Bar, it communicates with Italy. You can buy Italian underwear and clothes. But if you liked something, then you need to carefully examine the thing. They can offer cheap Turkey under the guise of an Italian brand.

We ate at a restaurant near the sea. Perast does not have grocery stores. Prices in cafes and restaurants are not too high. You can buy a huge pizza for 4 euros. But a full-fledged lunch (for example, chicken in a creamy sauce with rice or pasta, dessert and drink) will come out somewhere in 11-14 euros. The portions are just huge. You just don’t need dinner.

The advantage of rest in Montenegro is, of course, the sea, mountains (there are simply amazing views), beautiful places and nature.

And the minus is that all the cities of Montenegro are monotonous.

I would not go to Montenegro again, but only because I want to see something new.

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