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On bikes across the Carpathians
Rest on a bike? Why not. In the mountains? Easy! Such thoughts can “infuse” not only in the minds of cycle enthusiasts with experience. Having seen photos and videos about…

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On bikes across the Carpathians

Rest on a bike? Why not. In the mountains? Easy! Such thoughts can “infuse” not only in the minds of cycle enthusiasts with experience. Having seen photos and videos about exciting, unbelievable, unforgettable bike rides, bike trips, bike marathons, bike festivals or even bike competitions, even those who saw the bicycle only in the picture will want to “ride” a two-wheeled bicycle.

There are more and more people who want to travel with bicycles every year. And not only because of the growing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but also because more opportunities are emerging for such a vacation. Transcarpathia is working hard to become the best region in this direction. And do not say that “cycling along steep paths” is for “crazed” extremes. Nothing like this! Transcarpathia, as you know, is a special region, and therefore travel here is special. Yes, if only because here they ride not on bicycles, but on bicycles – that’s what the locals call a two-wheeled friend. For the sake of the phrase “we will travel around Transcarpathia in the bicycles”, it’s worth going on an unforgettable trip.

Transcarpathians are well aware that they are not “shining” to hit someone with bicycle infrastructure in settlements, therefore they are invited to ride in the mountains – it is safer there.

There is no need to worry because of inconvenience: the region has a sufficiently large potential for the development of cycling. There is also a bike hotel certified by European standards, and more than five dozen of the same cycle routes, two of which are international – from Slovakia and Hungary. In addition, it is here that many routes are marked, which greatly facilitates the trip and helps to better navigate in the mountains. In addition, in Transcarpathia you can visit several interesting cycling attractions – cycling, which are dedicated to various events. And each time these are positive emotions “over the edge”. The fly in the ointment in this huge barrel of honey may still be the same not yet completely European infrastructure, but because of the incredible scenery of the Carpathians, all the inconvenience will seem very small, almost invisible.

In general, cycling is “wild” and organized. “Wild” is no different from any other “wild” rest: you choose the route yourself, you manage the time yourself, you choose what to eat and where to sleep. But Transcarpathians are quick-witted and enterprising people, that’s why a lot of travel agencies, organizations, clubs, communities seriously, and, most importantly, sincerely undertook to help cyclists in choosing a route, and recommendations, and advice. In the end, his company, his experience, example, and even his bike.

For example, in Uzhgorod, the Uzhgorod Bicycle Culture, a community of active lifestyle lovers, has been operating for almost two years. Community members take pride in their mountain trips. Cyclists go beyond the boundaries of Transcarpathia – to the mountains of Lviv region, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Trips are free, everyone can join and actively spend the weekend. Participants say that they will always help beginners, instruct and give specific instructions. And for beginners who want to spend the weekend on a bicycle, they offer to ride in the so-called “After work” in the middle of the week – this is such a thing invented by the organizers, when after 18:30 you can travel around the outskirts of Uzhgorod. During such trainings, everyone will understand whether they can go on a one-, two- or even a serious seven-day tour.

Over the years of the existence of the wonderful Uzhgorod cycling community, those who have wished have traveled to almost all the Carpathians – high peaks, wide valleys, to the sharpest cliffs, mysterious caves, unexplored tunnels. As they say, where no infantry, no tanks, no jeeps, no ATVs – a bike just right!

It is almost impossible to distinguish routes as the most interesting or difficult, as they are all exclusive and unforgettable. Traveling around Ungvar, the old drift (by rail), along Verkhovyna, through the wineries of Transcarpathia, Borzhavsky poloninai, to Sinevir Lake, along the mountain strand of the Peak or along the Svidovets ridge – all attracts, without exception.

In order not to be confused in diversity, cycling enthusiasts of various public organizations, with the support of the Kingdom of Norway, implemented a very interesting project: the world saw a detailed guide for cycling lovers “Your next trip to Transcarpathia.” The project was initiated in order to share experience in planning local cycling routes, to coordinate its activities with neighbors from other regions of Ukraine.

The author of the guide, local historian and active tourist Sergey Stepchuk said that the book fits eight cycling routes in Transcarpathia. The guide begins with stories about the relief and geography of Transcarpathia, then – stories about the history of the region, which would be interesting to tourists and the Transcarpathians themselves. In addition, in the book, the author advises how to get to Transcarpathia, talks about the features of the Transcarpathians themselves and describes the routes.

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