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Where good rest in the winter in Bukovina?

Although Chernivtsi region is one of the smallest among Ukrainian regions, it boldly claims to be one of the leading places in the list of the most interesting for winter vacations. After all, most of it is occupied by the Carpathians, and the snow-capped mountains are just a fairy tale.


When it comes to celebrating New Year in this fairy tale, celebrating Christmas in Bukovina, getting to the picturesque Pereberia, places in recreation complexes and private estates of Bukovina are booked several months in advance. Not even December or February, but January is a “hot” month for vacationers and those who receive them. This is confirmed by the head of the tourism department of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Vladimir Furdyga.

Chernivtsi University “Tourists come to us at Bukovina at any time of the year. And more and more from year to year. Indeed, the development of the tourism industry has long been a priority in our area. And as for winter holidays, I will say only one thing – it is already becoming a problem where tourists should stay. Especially on winter holidays – places, even in private estates, are booked in two to three months. Tourists are attracted primarily by the Bukovinian Carpathians, which cover a significant part of the region. And the historical monuments of Bukovina, despite the time of year, are not stop being relevant, ”says Furdyga.

Mostly such winter trips start, in fact, from Chernivtsi itself.

Tourists arrive by train or bus to the station, and from there they leave for their destination. Tip: do not immediately leave Chernivtsi, take yourself a city tour first. There is something to see here. The buildings of the “old city” dating back to the Austro-Hungarian period, original architectural monuments, magnificent temples, numerous compact squares and, of course, local museums and cozy cafes are interesting. As soon as they do not call Chernivtsi! .. And the Ukrainian Vienna? and little Paris, and the city of squares, and a corner of Europe in Ukraine … In the Vienna Coffee in the city center, on the pedestrian street O. Kobylyanskaya, for example, you will be offered a number of types of coffee and desserts that are prepared according to exotic original recipes , and, of course, actually – Viennese coffee. What is not abroad?


According to statistics, tourists go to Bukovina mainly from neighboring regions, as well as many from Odessa, Kiev, and recently – from the east of the country. Ski resorts and even some private owners organize a transfer from Chernivtsi to them, and this all simplifies: you will be delivered from the car or bus, as they say, under the very doors. But many vacationers travel their own transport.
And for those, and for others it will be convenient to get to the village of Boyany, and therefore to the tourist complex “Sunny Valley”, because it is only some 15 kilometers from the regional center.

Sunny Valley, ChernivtsiThis tourist complex positions itself as specially designed for families and beginners. Located on the hills, in the middle of the forest, with wooden cottages in a national style, it is very picturesque. In summer, it pleases vacationers with its lakes (there are 5 of them), in winter – gently sloping ski slopes built on the hills. Now they are preparing equipment for the next ski season. It’s been a while already in the “Sunny Valley”, so this time I was genuinely surprised at how the ski complex has grown here. Found on the spot of its leader Igor Budnikov. He said that at a steady temperature of minus 5 degrees, snow cannons (as many as 8) will already be launched and snow-covered tracks. In general, there are several of them – of varying complexity – “green”, “blue”, “red”. Several ski lifts, including the only one in the field of chairlifts. Downhill slopes are connected by an elevator for convenience: so as not to take off your skis, get from one track to another. The snowtubing track is also open, there is a multielevator for children from 4 years old.

“We have children skiing even from the age of 3,” Budnikov says. – Beginners come here. And those who did not ski at all, quickly learn this. There is a ski school, specially trained instructors. On average, in one hour we teach one to ski, go downhill. ”

It turns out that this is quite possible. In the “Sunny Valley” even hold two-day campaigns “Sport for all.” Then up to hundreds of participants come from all over Ukraine. On the first day they are taught to ski, and on the second day they hold amateur competitions.

In addition, since the owner of the complex loves animals, there is also a small zoo and an equestrian club, you can hire an instructor and learn how to ride a horse, or take a specially selected walking route.

In a colorful local restaurant – wonderful Bukovinian cuisine, you will be satisfied. And if there aren’t enough places to stay – no problem. In the village of Boyany (2 kilometers from the complex) there are two large hotels. Prices are all moderate, as they say, on any wallet.

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