Where to stay in Indonesia
In Indonesia, quality and comfortable hotels that are fully consistent with its official "star". There are 3 *, 4 *, 5 * hotels, in addition, many 5 * can be…

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Подробности KaplunMarx Lawyers у нас.
A wonderful family vacation in Side in June
We decided this year to go to Side in June. Why in June? Yes, because the heat there at this time is not so "wild", and the temperature is comfortable…

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Lemurian Lake: an unusual story of popularity
The unique Lemurian lake in the south of the Kherson region has recently attracted more and more tourists - with the unusual pink color of the water, from which it…

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Transcarpathia: impossible not to fall in love

From childhood, getting used to the summer holidays, we try to plan our holidays exclusively for July-August. Yes, it’s warmer in summer, and you don’t need to beg children from school, but is it worth excluding golden autumn, magical winter or blooming spring? Moreover, in Ukraine there are places where you can have a great time any segment of the year, and this is Transcarpathia.

When not to trust the navigator

We start the journey with route planning. If you are traveling for the first time from the eastern part of Ukraine and the navigator is building the shortest route for you (Vinnitsa – Ternopol – Ivano-Frankivsk – Khust), then this will be an offer you should refuse. The situation with roads in this direction has become a legend. The second option is to go to the Kiev-Odessa highway, and then through Fastov to the Kiev-Chop highway. In addition to the good road, you will see many interesting things. So, the opening of this year was the village of Vinnitsa rates and two nearby villages. Why discovery? Such purity and exemplary order we saw only in Germany. Parks are not just well-groomed, but it is clear that professional gardeners regularly work on them. Roads in perfect condition, roadsides are clean. Moreover, they are cleaned not only on holidays (hello to Kropyvnytsky Subbotniks!), But also on weekdays. So we strongly recommend that local officials go not abroad to learn from experience, but much closer.

If you are not a professional driver of long-distance flights and you need a vacation, you can spend the night in Rivne and go on. The next choice of road should be considered the route either through Mukachevo, in which you can visit the Palanok castle known throughout Ukraine and make a visit to some festival (for example, the Varosha festival of beer, honey and cheeses). Or go through Volovets and Mezhigorye to admire the real Carpathian nature, visit Lake Synevyr, Shipot Falls and Mount Pylypets. We strongly advise you not to miss either one or the other. Fortunately, the road everywhere is just great.

But here is 1200 kilometers of the road behind, and we enter Khust, and after him, and Veliatin.

Transcarpathian business

Velyatin for vacationers may seem very small. But it is not so. The fact is that the main part of the houses is located away from the tourist routes of the sanatorium – shop, Velyatin – Shayany, Velyatin – Khust. However, there are a couple of beautiful churches, whose domes you can see from anywhere in the village. You can also stroll through the narrow streets along the canal or ride a bike.

Of course, the main tourist destination is the Warm Water sanatorium with thermal pools. It cannot be called city-forming, but leadership does not remain aloof from solving local problems. Every year we see how new asphalt roads are laid where there used to be crushed stone. At the same time, the interests of not only car owners, but also pedestrians are taken into account.

Since last year, Velyatin began to hold his own festival – “Punta-fest”. Financing, of course, at the expense of the sanatorium. As the organizers told us, the “chip” of that year was the free distribution of jama – Transcarpathian soup with flour. To prepare it, hens were bought up in all the yards in the village! And they prepared steel djams that had to be delivered to schools and kindergartens.

They also did not save on headliners. Oleg Skripka performed at the first festival, and “Antitila” and “Bez obmezhen” in the current one.

As in any other resort town, the residents of Velyatins trade by renting houses and rooms. This year, the sanatorium offered assistance in creating a contact base and general dispatch coordination. It is much more convenient when a tourist does not run around the village in search of housing, and comes to the information center and receives the necessary contacts. At first, local residents did not approve of this initiative, but, evaluating its effectiveness, began to add their contacts to the common base.

Do not forget about tourist attractions. Near the sanatorium there is a spring with drinking mineral water, as well as a monument to Punte Veletu. So no one will be left without beautiful photos.

Respect the main wealth – mineral springs. According to the stories of local residents, in Transcarpathia, among the steep bonzes, there is a new boom – their own pools. Moreover, the pools are not just with water, but with mineral. So they come to various resorts in order to buy a tank or two of water. This cannot but affect the mineral composition and healing properties of the springs. And if in neighboring Shayans (according to rumors) the water no longer meets the declared characteristics, then in Veliatina there is a ban on the export of water.

By the way, among the conversations of local residents, we have never heard a discussion of the President’s policy, reforms, ATO, all that the broadcast network pours into my head. This is despite the fact that the TV channels are the same as ours. People are busy with their work and private life. The phrase from the game comes to mind: “Idleness breeds heresy.” And it’s hard to disagree with her.

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