Rest in Sousse and an independent trip to Carthage
This year, in early May, we decided to warm up with my husband and fly to the sea. The choice fell on Tunisia, and more specifically - the resort of…

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Busk Angels
Anyone who has ever visited Busk in Lviv region, in any case, falls on the market - a cultural phenomenon of a provincial town, where sellers from all over the…

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Lemurian Lake: an unusual story of popularity
The unique Lemurian lake in the south of the Kherson region has recently attracted more and more tourists - with the unusual pink color of the water, from which it…

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chicken on the barbecue

Ideal Budva for family holidays

Montenegro is a hospitable country on the Balkan Peninsula. The clean and salty Adriatic Sea, as well as an acceptable climate for almost everyone, make this resort popular. The country is full of vibrant resorts: Petrovac, Becici, Kotor, Herceg Novi. But we chose a fun and noisy Budva for our family holidays. We immediately liked this resort with a quick flight and a relatively inexpensive tour cost. For your holiday, it is better to choose August, this is the most busy tourist month with many possible entertainments, a warm climate and cloudless weather. The air temperature during the day in August is 30-35 degrees, and at night it drops to about 27 degrees.

Your journey from the airport in Tivat to Budva will take 40 minutes. This time will fly by quickly, because there will be natural beauties around you. When we talk about housing in Budva, we immediately think about the villas. This type of housing is very popular here. We settled in one of these villas: there are few rooms in such mini-hotels, the service is good. Continue reading

Youth Holidays in Montenegro

Initially, we chose Serbia for the rest, but since there is no sea there, our company decided to combine the two countries for vacation. For living in Montenegro, Perast was chosen. Why was such a choice made, because it is not the most famous city in Montenegro? Yes, for example, for the wonderful view from the window, the sea across the road, for the opportunity to sit on the beach in the evenings with an interesting book, for a small number of vacationers. We rested in August, in the very season, so there were many tourists and most of Russia, it was very hot. Riding on excursions is pretty hard. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to go there either in the early autumn (September) or in the late spring (May).

I recommend staying in Perast, 15 minutes from it is Kotor, where nightlife is seething and you can always come there for festivals, concerts, clubs and bars. And after a night in a club or bar, you can safely return to the “Karsar’s nest” and relax on the beach with your favorite book, a glass of wine or just for soulful conversations. Continue reading

Perfect yacht voyage in Croatia

How great it is to have people around you who are pushing you to decisive action.

One evening, at a party with us, my husband’s colleagues offered to fly to Croatia, rent a yacht and go camping. Ha, everyone laughed and died out. But a month later, the husband came home mysterious from work, persuaded to take a vacation, quickly pack up and trust him) I received the answers to questions 1000 and 1 in parts, as if I participated in the quest) Instead of a suitcase, I was asked to take 2 hiking backpacks, so I decided to miss don’t have to! And now our whole friendly company on the plane, a flight with transfers through Vienna, overboard – beautiful Austria.

September was not chosen by chance: firstly, there is no such full house at work as in summer and winter, and secondly, prices in September are lower than in season, and tourists are not crowds, but this is important. In fact, the same service for less money, and the weather continues to please, the sea is not cold, the sun’s rays warm, the sunrises delight. In short, September is a pretty good month for a cruise. Continue reading

Ski resorts in Scandinavia
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Awesome vacation with friends in Odessa
This spring, I was fortunate enough to spend almost a month on vacation in Odessa, in the capital of humor and the sun. I just parted with the previous job…


Perfect yacht voyage in Croatia
How great it is to have people around you who are pushing you to decisive action. One evening, at a party with us, my husband’s colleagues offered to fly to…