Perfect stay in Sveti Stefan
This was our first trip to Montenegro. We chose the time to relax, having studied the information on the sites about the average temperatures of water and air. They decided…

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What sights to see in the Swedish ski resort of Auray?

The Swedish ski resort of Ore is an attraction in itself, because it stretched as much as 20 km along the shore of Lake Oreshen. There is no longer such an extended recreation area, not only in Sweden, but throughout Scandinavia. In fact, 4 settlements merged here – Ore-Byu, Ore-Duved, Ore-Tegfiel and Ore-Bjornen. They don’t have a clear border, they have already “penetrated” one into another in terms of residential infrastructure development, but for now everyone has their own ski slopes, varying in level of difficulty, ski lifts and light paths in the dark.

This area has been known for over a thousand years. The fact is that the Swedish Ore is on the way to Norwegian Trondheim. It is only 165 km to it, and even less than fifty to the border with Norway. In Trondheim, the Scandinavian pilgrims were going to bow to the relics of St. Olav, and the best road was just through Ore.

In the Middle Ages, copper was mined in Auray. When the mines became scarce, the Swedes decided to exploit others – but, unlike the copper mines, inexhaustible sources of income, namely mountain air, stunning landscapes and the desire of people to go in for sports. That is, they turned Auray into a climate resort.

One of the copper mines – the Freo mine – was still left, however, like a museum. Tourists can visit it in the summer season. In winter, unfortunately, there are no excursions to the mine.

So what sights are available in Auray to the average tourist? I would say that there are only 2. But what!

One was born by nature itself, and the other by human hands. Both want to see again, that’s for sure.

A natural miracle is the Tannenforsen waterfall (in some versions of the Tannenforshen translation). It is called the Swedish Niagara. Of course, this waterfall is far from real Niagara, but size is not always important, especially when it comes to stunningly beautiful views.

From the center of Auray (Au-Bue) to the Tannenforsen waterfall 22 km, and if you count from Auray-Duveda, then only 12 km.

Tannenforsen is the largest waterfall not only in Sweden but throughout Northern Scandinavia. Every minute, the waterfall drives 750 cubic meters of water through the rapids, which falls with a noise and crash from a height of 38 meters!

In winter, the waterfall partially freezes, but you can hear and even see how the water pulsates under the ice. She rumbles with a roar through the ice and stones.

To approach the waterfall at a fairly close distance allows the observation deck. True, you need to be extremely careful on it – it’s slippery from water splashes, and the fence is purely symbolic, instead of the railing – ordinary wooden beams so that tourists, admiring the waterfall, do not fall down.

In the evenings, the waterfall is very beautifully illuminated.

In addition to the natural beauty of Tannenforsen, you can also see the beauty of man-made. Every year, during the winter season, a snow igloo is built next to the waterfall.

In fact, this is a room of snow and ice blocks. His mission is not only aesthetic, but also utilitarian. It hosts parties, concerts. Usually events are held on weekends and in the evening. But you can just see what’s inside. True, not for free, but for 20 euros per person. Perhaps this is compensated by enterprising Swedes for the gratuitous contemplation by the tourists of the waterfall.

There is nothing special to look into the needle, there is a bar counter made of ice, ice tables, and so that loins do not freeze, visitors and spectators are offered deer skins.

After passing through the needle, you can come very close to the waterfall and see the cave next to it. By the way, it is open to visitors only from February to April.

Getting to Tannenforsen from Auray is not so difficult, we drove by car, on the navigator. You need to score a name or coordinates. In the immediate vicinity of the waterfall, right in the forest, there is such a cute house, it has a small cafe and a parking lot nearby. It was amazing that a parking meter was installed on it, right in the forest. That is, parking in the wilderness, where there are places for cars – heaps, parking at the Swedes is paid! A car costs 20 SEK to park. We didn’t know about it, and we didn’t have trifles, so they put the car in such a way, without payment, no one “got excited”, although the staff serving the waterfall and workers went there.

Another delicious attraction of Auray is located on the other “tip” of the ski resort. This is the Fialconfect chocolate factory. This is the only chocolate factory in the world located beyond the Arctic Circle!

Geographically, it is located directly on the highway at the fork in Are-Bjornen, it is simply impossible to drive through this cultural site. And the billboards will tell you that she is here, and a large number of parked cars. And outwardly, the chocolate factory in Auray is very attractive, especially in winter, when it is decorated like a Christmas tree.

The factory is open to visitors from 11 am to 5 pm. Fialconfect has been operating in Auray for over 100 years.

Traditionally, several types of chocolate products are produced here, mainly sweets, more with fillings, but there are also just chocolate, without additives. The entire assortment of the chocolate factory can be tasted.

Perfect stay in Sveti Stefan
This was our first trip to Montenegro. We chose the time to relax, having studied the information on the sites about the average temperatures of water and air. They decided…


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