Unknown Iran
... Either sanctions and international reputation, or an unjustified association with the ever-belligerent Iraq, did not allow this authentic state to take its rightful place in the pages of tourist…

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Caves of the Ternopil region: the most amazing gypsum caves in the world
Ternopol is an insanely beautiful city. However, if you have repeatedly visited him and the Ternopil region and know all the sights by heart, we suggest looking at the city…

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An unforgettable family vacation in Orlando in July 2017
It just so happened that in April 2017 I was granted a visa to America for 10 years, so in July I decided to visit this wonderful country again. She…

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Las Vegas

Vacation is a special time of fun and carefree. In search of positive emotions and vivid impressions, many go to where they are guaranteed to get both one and the other, and even a little more. And, perhaps, one of the most recognized and famous centers where various entertainments are concentrated, where busy days are replaced by brilliant evenings and fascinating nights, where the real holiday of life is firmly established is Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Attractions
Of course, the most famous Las Vegas entertainments were, are and still are gambling. Countless casinos – one more beautiful than another – invite tourists into their chic gaming halls. Fans of hunting for luck spend days and nights here, hoping to wreck a large sum of money. Others – not so gambling vacationers – spend 10-20 dollars specially prepared for these purposes in slot machines, paying tribute to the tradition and the city that lives and thrives thanks to gambling establishments.

But not only the players find something to do in Las Vegas. This city is a kind of functioning museum of luxury, completely free of charge available to the goggles of tourists who came to Vegas. The most beautiful themed hotels let everyone come into their bowels and don’t take money for a “look”. In one day in Las Vegas you can find yourself in a beautiful romantic Venice or attractive New York by visiting the hotels of the same name; temporarily feel like a resident of ancient Egypt in “Luxor” or medieval knightly times in “Excalibur”. Amusement rides, shops, singing fountains and relics of the sunken Titanic – all this is ready to offer generous Las Vegas to its guests.

In addition, there is a huge number of different shows here every night: from comedy stand-ups to the legendary and colorful performances of the Cirque du Soleil. This is an integral and very strong entertainment part of Las Vegas, and therefore, being in this city, you definitely need to plan a trip to one, or maybe several famous shows.

And of course, traditional Las Vegas weddings! Wedding Chapel (that is, wedding churches) is in a large assortment, and choosing a suitable venue for marriage vows to your taste is not difficult. A good option is to quickly, cheerfully and memorably get married to your loved one or to refresh with such a wedding the next date of family life.

Shopping in Las Vegas
In addition to various souvenirs with the symbols of the city, which in abundance offer souvenir shops and the corresponding departments in drugstores, in Las Vegas you can buy something more significant. Outlets located within the city limits are perfect for this purpose: northern (Las Vegas Premium Outlets North) and southern (Las Vegas Premium Outlets South).

It will not be difficult to get to them by car (and most tourists come to Vegas by car), either by public transport or by the transport of the outlets themselves: minibuses with Premium Outlets symbolics tirelessly ply around the city, gathering those who wish to join the American shopping. In Las Vegas outlets, a huge number of brands of adult and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories are presented. There are also food service points where you can eat between boutique trips. Outlets have everything you need so that shopping enthusiasts can easily spend all day in them.

Those who find the outlets with their discounts and sales unattractive will be interested in walking through the chic and expensive shopping centers that are equipped in no less chic Vegas hotels. For not cheap purchases, these brilliant trading floors are perfectly suited.

Vegas for everyone and everyone
Las Vegas is a place for everyone, and for everyone. Whatever you come here for: luck in a game of chance, brilliant surroundings, shopping, or just checking out in this unusual city, you will always find your excuse to celebrate here. In a never-ending carousel of everyday life, Vegas lights are a welcome oasis for respite, a fairy-tale world created by business people for dreamers.

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