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Fairytale winter in Helsinki

Where it is good to have a rest in the winter is in Helsinki. Fabulously beautiful city in the winter. Not very cold. A lot of interesting activities for this time of year. We drove in mid-December.

What is Helsinki before Christmas? These are many Christmas markets where you can buy various handmade gifts and souvenirs, Christmas sweets and much more. At this time, in each store discounts reaching up to 70%. The main thing is not to get lost in time visiting the malls. And remember that there are fairs where an admission ticket may be required. And do not forget to visit the legendary Stockmann shopping center. It has everything from products to jewelry. This is where you can get lost for the whole day.

The most important thing is to allocate time and choose when and where to go. We chose light time for visiting museums and attractions, evening time for rest and the last 2 two days instead of rest we were doing shopping.

There is such an interesting thing as the Helsinki Card. It gives the right not only to visit the main museums and attractions for free, but also to use public transport for free, and some cafes and restaurants offer discounts. Very profitable. We took 72 hours for 66 euros. For comparison: a ticket to the popular science center “Eureka” costs from 11 euros, travel by tram is 1.5 euros, and by bus from 2 euros. This card pays for itself in two days. Yes, and even a small cafe, but a discount.

In the evenings you can skate. Admission is 6 euros plus skate rental 5 euros. Yes, and just walk around the holiday city. Very beautiful photographs are taken in snowy parks and in the evenings on the streets, when they include festive illumination.

Another place to visit in Helsinki in winter is the Lapland Village. Park with winter fun. Real Lapland. And the entrance costs only 10 euros. You can visit the ice igloo (ice yurt), ice restaurant, skiing, for a fee on dog sledding. There are even saunas. What is most interesting is this village is indoors!

It is also worth visiting the Nuuksio National Park to admire the nature and snowshoe through the forest and the frozen lake. Equipment can be rented at a nearby museum. Pleasure will cost 10 euros. And then you can warm up in the museum itself, especially since we have a map and admission is free. Very colorful exhibitions tell about the nature of Finland. There is also a cafe.

And another type of transport that you must ride is a sightseeing tram. Route N 3 and 4. He makes a circle around the city through all the attractions. There is a route map. You can go to any stop, see interesting and continue on your way. Or you can just admire the city.

In winter, you just need to try national cuisine. Dishes of venison, burbot and pike perch. A variety of Christmas pastries, traditional fish patties. Do not forget about herring.

Of the museums I remember the popular science center “Eureka”, where all the exhibits are related to science. And the National Museum of Helsinki. There is the whole history of Finland. Very interesting exhibits. Especially the hall about the Middle Ages.

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