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Awesome vacation with friends in Odessa

This spring, I was fortunate enough to spend almost a month on vacation in Odessa, in the capital of humor and the sun. I just parted with the previous job and have not yet got a new job, so I was able to come to South Palmyra for the whole of May. Fortunately, my friends said that I can stay with them for free. Maybe I was lucky, but already in May, my vacation was as resort-like as possible and included bathing and sunbathing, the weather did not differ from the summer, but the influx of tourists was not there yet, because the beaches were as clean as possible. Therefore, I sincerely believe that going to Odessa in May is the best idea if the weather permits, and if you are not cold.

I opened the swimming season here on April 30th, they also bathed on May Day, like the whole month of May after that. The water temperature in early May was approximately 20 degrees, which for me was already quite comfortable.

As I said, I stayed with friends, but they, as locals, oriented me to the future, where it is best to stay in the city. It is not recommended to give preference to hotels in Odessa, unless of course there is a crowded wallet of money, here it is an expensive pleasure. For youth recreation in the city, hostels are best suited, they are available throughout the city, the bed in each of them costs between 100-180 UAH, depending on the season and room level. You can also always rent an apartment or a small house from a private trader, one-room apartments in the center will cost around 400-1000 UAH per day, depending on their level. But it is best to look for accommodation on specialized sites, for example,, olx, Airbnb, and others. Taking an apartment “on hand” is not recommended, otherwise you can get acquainted with the famous methods of Odessa divorce. If you want to mostly walk around the city, it is best to look for housing in the center. But if the purpose of the rest is the sea, then it is better to choose a place of temporary residence closer to the beaches, for example, on French Boulevard or on the Fountain.

Speaking of beaches. My practice has shown that it is best to relax on the beaches on the Fountain (from the 8th to the 16th station of the Big Fountain). Here, almost every beach has a cafe or restaurant, you can rent sunbeds for an additional fee, there are locker rooms, and toilets are located along the entire coastline with a certain interval (for a fee, 5 UAH for entrance). The beaches on French Boulevard are also comfortable and very clean, especially Langeron, Dolphin, Chkalovsky. There is also a good beach infrastructure. But everywhere you need to have your own towel.

While in Odessa, it’s worth not only to lie down on the beach, but also to get acquainted with all the charms of this city, I received the most pleasure on vacation from walking. First of all, I advise you to walk along the Primorsky Boulevard, and then go down the Potemkin Stairs to the Marine Station – one of the attractions of Odessa. It’s just insanely beautiful, especially during sunrise and sunset, the pictures are very cool.

You should definitely visit Arcadia – it’s something like a rich entertaining and beach area, all the main summer clubs of the city, cool restaurants with access to the beaches are concentrated here, but there is also a free beach area and inexpensive cafes. And there is always an amusement park and all kinds of tourist entertainments.

Well, in the evening I advise you to just go for a walk along Deribasovskaya, especially if you are a lover of “bread and circuses.” Here you can always get to a street concert of local musicians, and each concert is played at a very high level. And in Odessa in the center you can always eat in a cozy restaurant, and even better – go to a fair for food and a delicious cocktail, and feel the true Odessa flavor. It is simply impossible to leave here without a deliciously full stomach and new friends. I’m just a bastard on the atmosphere prevailing in this place!

Speaking of eating … I’m very advising you, if you are in Odessa, to go to the famous Privoz for food. This is not just a market where you can buy very cheap, natural and tasty international food. Privoz is the main attraction of the city, because nowhere else has such a concentration of the Odessa dialect and local jokes, lovers of bargaining been preserved. And also here simply surprised by the rows of dried fruits and seasonings, sprinkled shrimp and other local delicacies.

If old Odessa does not captivate you as much as I do, and still want to have fun, there are plenty of them here: an open water park, walking tours of the city, Nemo dolphinarium, acquaintance with traditional Odessa culture at the Sonkina Malina restaurant, the Smuggling Museum, the Museum of Interesting Sciences , many galleries, a huge number of concerts and more. And I listed only one hundredth of all the interesting things in Odessa. You don’t have to get bored here.

Daria, December 11, 2018
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