Ski resorts in Scandinavia
If you decide to relax in the winter, then go skiing. This is a very useful activity and a fashionable type of outdoor activity. The real center of skiing is…

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Kvevri, Khachapuri and the sea
The flow of foreign tourists to the country is growing annually, while the Georgians themselves hardly rest at home Back in early April, more than 98% of hotels were booked…

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Closer to Europe. How tourism is reviving in Transcarpathia
The sign on the exit from Uzhgorod shows a distance of 745 km to Kiev. Locals joke: Transcarpathia is closer to 12 European capitals than to the capital of Ukraine.…

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come and ask for help

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Perfect stay in Sveti Stefan

This was our first trip to Montenegro. We chose the time to relax, having studied the information on the sites about the average temperatures of water and air. They decided to fly at the end of August. Tickets were bought in advance, in May, on the Victory Airlines low-cost airline website. For two, they paid 28,000 rubles. Housing booked through the Internet. After reading the reviews and looking at the prices, I chose Milyutin’s apartments.

They wanted to visit Sveti Stefan for a long time after seeing a picture of this wonderful place. The location is convenient, close to Budva. The situation in this village is calm, it will not be suitable for youth recreation. For couples, parents with young children – this is a great option. Milocer Park has a playground for toddlers. The air there is special, various vegetation, mountains and the sea. This is just an amazing symbiosis! Continue reading

Great family vacation in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – The “Heart” of Croatia beckoned us to dream of visiting the externally beautifully preserved medieval city. The pearl of the Adriatic hit even on the ferry, when we crossed the bay, the view is simply amazing: the transparent sea, beautiful houses with red roofs, bright flowers, a hospitable city met us with such a landscape. The water was so clear that the boats moored near the shore seemed to just stand in the sand. We stayed at the hotel, although it is possible to rent apartments in the city, our hotel is a small but quite comfortable Rooms Vjera 2 *, it is located 500m from the old city. The room had one double bed, a private bathroom, internet, air conditioning. The hotel terrace is equipped with a dining area where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast and enjoy the expanse of the sea. We traveled without children, but the hotel offered a children’s menu, on the territory there is a landscaped playground, a private pool and babysitting services, if necessary, for a fee. Continue reading

Youth holidays on the Cote d’Azur – convenient Villefranche-sur-Mer

The “severe” necessity made us choose the month of June to rest. The semi-annual cartoon ended on June 20. And since I was raving for the third year with the idea of ​​returning to Nice, in March, without further thought, tickets were bought to the capital of the Cote d’Azur – the beauty of Nice. No wonder the Russian aristocrats and the royal family loved her so much.

One of the biggest advantages of relaxing on the Cote d’Azur is the simplicity and accessibility of movement. For one and a half euros you can go to any town or village of the Cote d’Azur. Transport launched very conveniently. And even if you choose the place of residence not Nice itself, but, for example, the town of Villefranche, then you can get to it without problems. It is enough to catch the bus number 100, which goes from the port directly to Monaco and further to Menton. Continue reading

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Traveling in Switzerland
In fact, Zermatt is an ecological village. Most of the vehicles operating in this village are powered by electric drives, but there are also trucks and tractors with conventional diesel…


Great stay in Pattaya.
We chose our choice in Thailand, the resort of Pattaya. According to the travel agent, Pattaya is a small resort, modern, many Russians, there are no problems in language exchange.…


Rest in Sousse and an independent trip to Carthage
This year, in early May, we decided to warm up with my husband and fly to the sea. The choice fell on Tunisia, and more specifically - the resort of…