Youth and family vacations in Nice
This year, the choice fell on sea vacations and we, with my husband packing our bags, went to the Cote d'Azur. We stayed in the neighboring town of Menton, but…

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Fairytale winter in Helsinki
Where it is good to have a rest in the winter is in Helsinki. Fabulously beautiful city in the winter. Not very cold. A lot of interesting activities for this…

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On bikes across the Carpathians
Rest on a bike? Why not. In the mountains? Easy! Such thoughts can “infuse” not only in the minds of cycle enthusiasts with experience. Having seen photos and videos about…

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can rent a car

Youth Holidays in Montenegro

Initially, we chose Serbia for the rest, but since there is no sea there, our company decided to combine the two countries for vacation. For living in Montenegro, Perast was chosen. Why was such a choice made, because it is not the most famous city in Montenegro? Yes, for example, for the wonderful view from the window, the sea across the road, for the opportunity to sit on the beach in the evenings with an interesting book, for a small number of vacationers. We rested in August, in the very season, so there were many tourists and most of Russia, it was very hot. Riding on excursions is pretty hard. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to go there either in the early autumn (September) or in the late spring (May).

I recommend staying in Perast, 15 minutes from it is Kotor, where nightlife is seething and you can always come there for festivals, concerts, clubs and bars. And after a night in a club or bar, you can safely return to the “Karsar’s nest” and relax on the beach with your favorite book, a glass of wine or just for soulful conversations. Continue reading

A wonderful family vacation in Side in June

We decided this year to go to Side in June. Why in June? Yes, because the heat there at this time is not so “wild”, and the temperature is comfortable enough. Looking ahead, I’ll say that we did not fail, and the temperature above + 30 + 32 degrees did not rise, and the water temperature was very comfortable, in the region of +25 degrees constantly. Plus, there were almost no waves on the sea, and given that our five-star Club Side Coast hotel had its own sandy beach, then everything was just super! No jellyfish to you, the water is clear and clean, despite the sandy beach – it’s just a miracle! All sorts of fish came, but they did not cause discomfort. By the way, the hotel is very decent, especially in terms of “price-quality”, a good pool – here are its photos.

Why in side? Yes, in principle, we did not live entirely in Side, but in the Cholakli district, where there are a lot of hotels and a great coast. And in Side he went, both on an excursion, and on his own. Side is worth it to come and so and so. Continue reading

Great stay in Pattaya.

We chose our choice in Thailand, the resort of Pattaya. According to the travel agent, Pattaya is a small resort, modern, many Russians, there are no problems in language exchange. We flew in late April, when the Thais celebrate the new year in their chronology. A good season to relax, it is not very hot, but there is no rain.

We stayed at the Pattaya Park 3 * hotel. On the sites we read that the hotels in Pattaya are distinguished by their “fatigue” and not well-groomed, which we saw. Old furniture, ragged walls, high humidity left traces everywhere. But the room itself was quite comfortable, and everything necessary for living was provided. The great advantage of the hotel was its location, on the 1st coastline, and the presence of markets, cafes, next to the hotel.

Free time from excursions and beach vacations, we walked along the city streets. True, this is not entirely safe for life, since there are few sidewalks for pedestrians, and I mainly had to walk along the carriageway, where crazy rickshaws, cars, and cyclists ride. Continue reading

Closer to Europe. How tourism is reviving in Transcarpathia
The sign on the exit from Uzhgorod shows a distance of 745 km to Kiev. Locals joke: Transcarpathia is closer to 12 European capitals than to the capital of Ukraine.…


Unknown Iran
... Either sanctions and international reputation, or an unjustified association with the ever-belligerent Iraq, did not allow this authentic state to take its rightful place in the pages of tourist…


Where good rest in the winter in Bukovina?
Although Chernivtsi region is one of the smallest among Ukrainian regions, it boldly claims to be one of the leading places in the list of the most interesting for winter…